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Unique approach
Focusing on the significant reduction of voice and data communication expenses for individual businesses, Masakhe operates by identifying overlapping telecoms costs and enabling quick cost reduction projects. Our method is focused on tailoring an individual solution according to the merits of both the customer’s existing infrastructure and new technology, and to run ongoing audits for continuous improvement. We analyse, inter alia, technology, infrastructure, cost of services, maintenance costs, supplier agreements, operational efficiencies, data bandwidth and costs of calls placed.

Solutions proposed
Within 90 days of commissioning, our service management team will submit a first proposal for effecting a substantial year-on-year saving for our customer, through optimising their telecoms expenditure – with minimal or no capital investment. Recommendations are presented in the form of a business case including expected savings, project timeline, investment and ROI.

Expenditure reduction strategies:

Where necessary, additional solutions will be driven from the perspective of technology and delivery tools, VoIP, least-cost routing (GSM, national and international), web-enabled telephone management systems, VPN, PBX plus peripheral hardware, and financing of telecoms/office automation/IT equipment.

One-stop service
We act as an independent agent on our customer’s behalf, negotiate outwards in their favour and gain the assurance of real, measurable returns before presenting our initiatives for optimising their communications.

To implement solutions, Masakhe will supply all necessary expertise, hardware and software. Sustainability is assured through ongoing management, maintenance and reporting on all aspects of voice and data communications expenditure. A further dimension of our value-added service offer is broad-based skills training within the telecoms field.

Centratel group

Centratel is the leading distributor of voice, convergence and data products in sub-Saharan Africa.