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About Us

Masakhe was formed in September 2002 through a partnership between the Centratel group and the Bongani Economic Empowerment Trust. Centratel was then the largest multivendor distributor of telecoms technologies in South Africa. The Bongani Trust is a broad-based black empowerment investment entity representing over 700 previously disadvantaged individuals. As a private service provider possessing vast telecoms and IT expertise, Masakhe is eminently qualified to liaise with players in the industry such as Telkom, networks and suppliers. Our service management teams bring broad-based experience and knowledge to each project and are qualified to deal with the most stringent challenge.


To serve the telecoms market across various sectors by providing a universal product and services, with a strong bias towards building sustainability and growth.


To be foremost in providing customers with informed decisions and innovative solutions whilst achieving cost efficiencies for both customers and partners.



  • Installation and maintenance across South Africa
  • Dealerships covering African countries
  • Hardware delivery within 24 hours in main regions
  • Delivery within 48 hours in the rest of South Africa
  • National emergency resources to minimise downtime


Focusing on the significant reduction of voice and data communication expenses for individual businesses, Masakhe operates by identifying overlapping telecoms costs and enabling quick cost reduction projects.


Track Record
Our experience gives us the confidence to state that we can assist our customers in achieving a sustainable 10% to 30% year-on-year saving through driving efficiencies in their telecoms environment. In the past financial year, some of our customers have gained a total net savings of up to R9 million (retail chain) or R48 million (large bank) after deduction of project costs and service fees.


Masakhe holds a 20% share of BWired, an empowered telecommunications service provider that has a strong focus on answering the need for affordable Internet and broadband services across the City of Johannesburg.

BWired is a joint venture between Ericsson South Africa and the City of Johannesburg. This enables BWired to operate very much like a business with a soul, combining the efficiencies of a private company with the social benefits of a public entity.